Children Boy Girl Pajamas Suitable For Hot Weather Comfy Cooling
Size: 110(100-110cm Height
100(90-100cm Height)110(100-110cm Height120(110-120cm Height80 (73-80cm Height)90 (80- 90cm Height)
Design: Ballet Swan
Ballet SwanDino
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Lightweight, breathable, breathable baby pajamas, worn in air-conditioned rooms in summer, and base in spring and summer. It is the best choice for babies. Fashionable and comfortable, soft and skin-friendly, distinctive, comfortable is the last word, cartoon printing, mothers are more assured, and show off unique home clothes.

80 yards recommended 73-80cm
90 yards recommended 80- 90cm 
100 yards recommended 90-100 cm 
110 yards recommended 100-110 cm 
120 yards recommended 110-120cm 

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